The internet radio player that doesn't distract you

With Tidewave you can listen to your favorite music streams without any distractions, so that you can focus on the stuff that is really important to you.

Play music hassle-free

Stream your favorite music without distractions. It just works.

Menu bar app

Tidewave lives in your menu bar for quick and easy control.

Favorite streams

Save your favorite internet radio streams for easy playback.

Surprise yourself!

Want to listen to something else, but don't know what? Shuffle it up!


Do I need a Spotify account or some other paid music subscription to use Tidewave?

Why do I need to find and save internet radio streams myself? It seems like a lot of work and not really hassle-free!

How can I find good internet radio streams?

I added the link to a internet radio stream but when I try to play it, an error is displayed. How can I fix this?

You claim that Tidewave won't bother me with distractions, but it shows a notification everytime a new song is playing. Can I disable this?

I am looking for a feature, but I saw it isn't there in Tidewave. Can it be added?

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